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Pirate Radio Hot Audio

Robert Jones—former Pirate, Super Bowl Champ, and father of ECU WR Isaiah Jones—talked ECU football with on "The Brian Bailey Show".
Morgan talked to Scott Wetherbee, Senior Associate AD for #1 ranked Mississippi State, on "The Extra Point".
ECU Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jeff Connors stopped by to talk about how ECU is preparing for the Huskies on "Live @ Five".
Troy D & Ellerbe talked with "Voice of the Huskies", Joe D'Ambrosio about next week's ECU-UCONN matchup on "Live @ Five".
ECU Head Basketball Coach, Jeff Lebo talked about the upcoming season of Pirate basketball on "From The Booth".
Jeff caught up with his analyst partner on the Pirate IMG Sports Network for basketball on "From The Booth".
Tony Castleberry from The Daily Reflector talked ECU basketball with Troy D & Ellerbe on "Live @ Five".
ECU Assistant Basketball Coach, Michael Perry talked ECU basketball with Clip on "The Sports Bar".
ECU Associate AD for External Operations, Shelley Binegar stopped by to talk ECU football on "Live @ Five".
Bailey talked with Dale Steele, Director of Football Administration for ECU, on "The Brian Bailey Show".
Stephen Igoe of HoistTheColours.Net stopped by to talk ECU football with Ellerbe on "Live @ Five".
Clip, Rodney Corchiani, and Big Deb talked about the sad state of NC State athletics on "The Sports Bar".
Listen to the "US Cellular 5th Quarter Call-In Show" for ECU vs. USF.
Former Pirate and NFL wide receiver, Terrance Copper talked Pirate football with Troy D & Ellerbe on "Live @ Five".
B Paiz talked to former Pirates, Scott Harley & Larry Shannon on "Pirate Talk".
USF Head Football Coach, Willie Taggart joined Jeff to talk about facing the Pirates this Saturday on "From The Booth".

Pirate Radio Hot Pics

Coach Ruff UCONN Press Conference
October 20, 2014
Pirate Radio Tailgate For ECU-SMU
October 4, 2014
Pirate Radio Tailgate For ECU-UNC
September 20, 2014
Coach Ruff USF Press Conference
October 6, 2014
Coach Ruff SMU Press Conference
September 29, 2014
The PR Paparazzi @ The Ultimate Pregame
September 19, 2014
The PR Paparazzi @ ECU-SMU
October 4, 2014
The PR Paparazzi @ ECU-UNC
September 20, 2014
Coach Ruff UNC Press Conference
September 15, 2014
THU October 23 @ 7:00pm